Cromer peregrines cctv setup


I was on limited time to install a CCTV system during the inaugural breeding season at Cromer. The box was not installed until late March 2019 so I had to get a system in place within a few days, I got a basic 1080i setup, it was all I could get in the time frame. It was a 2 camera system, one inside looking out and the other outside looking in. It did the job until the youngsters were old enough to leave the platform and explore the top of Cromer Church. I remember standing in the Church grounds watching the young jumping between the fleur-de-lis and thinking I would love to have a remote camera to watch the peregrines once they had left the platform. 

After a successful 2019 season I decided to do a massive upgrade of the camera system for the fast approaching 2020 season, I removed the old camera system and started from scratch. My idea was to have a PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera trained into the platform, a mini HD cam inside the platform and a third camera, also a PTZ, mounted on a pole so I could get a 360 degree view of the top of the tower. My plan worked, the 3 cameras were installed, running over half a kilometre of cables down the tower and into a NVR situated in the gallery of the Church, this was hooked up to the internet allowing me to stream it at home and also to my mobile phone as well as live streaming it into the Church. The 2 PTZs are controllable from my phone and PC at home which is handy when the young are old enough to wander around the Tower. I also live streamed the Cromer peregrines onto YouTube, it was perfect timing as the whole of the UK was now in lockdown. The viewing numbers were amazing with over 167000 views from 22 countries in the 3 months of live streaming. All of the surrounding images are taken from the 3 Cromer cameras and as you can see the quality is amazing.

If you are interested in setting up CCTV but don't know where to start please feel free to get in touch for advice or I could even make a site visit and I can design a bespoke system covering all your needs

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