I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, in fact I cannot remember a time when I didn't have a camera in my hand. Inspired by my late father and his passion for photography I soon got my own camera, albeit a cheap 110 film camera from Boots. Over the years I have had numerous cameras, sticking mainly with Canon, but I have never lost the passion to capture that magic moment.

I guess my love of photography came from my late father. I remember his camera well; it was a Zenit-E, a former Soviet brand and built like a tank! My father loved photography and always had his camera close by, coming from a large family there were always family gatherings and he always took plenty of pictures. It is lovely to look back at his old pictures and it brings back happy memories.


Since 2011 my photography has mainly focused on the peregrines at the magnificent Norwich Cathedral and in 2019 I helped set up the Cromer Peregrine Project of which I sit on the committee. I also installed the camera system and live streamed the Cromer peregrines getting over 167000 views in its first season. Over the years I have had pictures published in wildlife magazines, on the television and in many national and local newspapers culminating with an appearance on TV. I have also written three books, two on the Norwich peregrines and the other about the Cromer peregrines.

Photographing the Norwich peregrines is how I met my gorgeous wife, Kim. We share a passion for the peregrines and more importantly photography. She is a fantastic photographer and has a real talent in shooting something a little different.  

Over the last few years my photography has expanded into weddings. I love the buzz of shooting a wedding, capturing memories of the happy couples magical day. Kim acts as my 'sniper' at weddings, getting shots that people do not always expect. We make a great team! 

Chris Skipper 2021