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I have been installing CCTV systems for well over 20 years. I starting with property CCTV, installing commercial and personal systems for family and friends. As the cameras got smaller and the image quality got better I soon realised I could get decent quality images from bird boxes, I soon had 2 blue tit boxes and a great tit box rigged up with cameras and lighting, all 3 boxes were used and I had great fun watching these tiny birds getting bigger and stronger day by day, the bad side being when a chick didn't make it, but these things happen. When we install cameras into wildlife situations it brings it into our living rooms and it can be a hard watch sometimes. I also had a swift box installed with 2 cameras inside as well as a waterproof speaker to attract the swifts, this worked and the swifts were in the box within a few days and I can proudly say they used the box and had 2 chicks every summer for several years. When we started up the Cromer Peregrine Project we wanted a camera system to monitor the box from the ground, this was probably the toughest system I had installed because of the distance and weather conditions involved but it worked wonderfully. The following year I took on my biggest challenge and overhauled the whole system at Cromer. Click on the box below to find out more about the new set up. 

If you are interested in setting up CCTV but don't know where to start please feel free to get in touch for advice or I could even make a site visit and I can design a bespoke system covering all your needs

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